Our Activities Include
Renting and Selling Cranes

PCE Rents and sells Cranes as it has a wide range of different cranes capacities and types mainly in Crawler and Mobile Cranes. We always try to meet your requirements and circumstances as we always discuss your needs to offer you the best available cranes solutions.

We also provide you with certified and experienced crane operators and technical support staff.


Crane Rental

PCE has extensive and well-maintained cranes that guarantee a full completion project without any delays or problems. We make our calculations and drawings using CAD/CAM based on lifting tables to provide you with the most suitable and efficient crane for your project.

Our technical department has competent, well-trained and certified drivers. Bottom of FormAlso, we can provide you machines on a “Bare Rental” basis meaning that you rent a machine without a serving staff.

PCE offers a’24 hours’ service guaranteeing minimum downtime. All our cranes have relevant calibration certificates. Besides, our operators are trained to comply with strict safety standards.


Crane Selling

We have huge different types of cranes as mentioned above if interested please contact us if you have any inquiry.

PCE Cranes

  • Crawler Cranes with capacities up to 650 Tons
  • Truck-mounted cranes with capacities up to 220 Tons
  • Lattice boom cranes with capacities up to 400 Tons
  • All-Terrain cranes with capacities up to 400 Tons
  • rough-terrain cranes with capacities up to 40 Tons


Crawler cranes deliver outstanding load capacities with massive hoist heights and radii. Telescopic truck-mounted cranes,heavy duty lattice boom cranes, high-speed all-terrain mobile cranes and rough-terrain cranes.

Long booms, short erection times, enormous load capacities and hig safety standards make our machines flexible and economical.


Here are some of our cranes models:

  • Demag
  • Liebherr
  • Grove
  • Krupp
  • Hitachi
  • NCK
Heavy Lifting

PCE Combines its equipment capabilities and well trained experienced crew to provide the optimal method for each type of lift.


Equipment & Solutions

Sometimes lifting with cranes is not the best option because of the lack of access or space and so other systems must be used.


Strand Jacks system

Strand jacks using hydraulic cylinders and steel wires (strands), can lift heavy load component to a required height or pulled (skidded) to a certain positionwhen there is a lack of space on the assembly site.


Hydraulic jacks

Hydraulic jacks are available in various models, sizes and capacities as they are capable of pushing-up heavy loads and can be operated by hand or with a power pack. They can fit in small rooms also used to apply tension to a chain or cable.

Skidding System

Skidding is used for moving and positioning heavy structures on a built up skid track


PCE has a dedicated and experienced operations department team of engineers to provide you with the most suitable and efficient technical evaluation for projects preparations.

Our company seeks in solving our clients’ problems by supporting them with the best solutions.


Our technical characteristics

  • Fast and deliver on time
  • 24-hours service
  • Specialized knowledge
  • High-Tech equipment
  • Technical Service Department
  • Qualified employees
  • Flexibility
  • CAD/CAM drawings and calculations
Order Form

If you have a question or inquiry, you can send us an email right away by using this form. We will reply you back as soon as we receive it.